Enter into a new world with 9D VR technology

VR (virtual Reality, VR) technology was there decades ago, but until now, some hardware and software have become mature, so we entered the consumer-level VR era. The main field of 9DVR application now is the game. Various 9DVR game simulators emerge endlessly. It's like a Pandora's box, in the VR world, users can enjoy the experience that you can't have in real life.

9DVR Egg Cinema Simulator

9DVR Simulator-New Small Business Idea in Shopping Mall

Low Cost:

  • Now most 9D VR simulators are priced less than $10.000
  • Low rent with only 3-6 square meters needed in a shopping mall

Quick Return:

  • Ticket price various from 5-15 dollars, one movie is 3-5 minutes , so most customers can get their cost back within 1-2 month
  • The earlier you do , the quicker you can cover your cost by domain the market and control the ticket price

Estimated profit:

  • $5 for per ticket then you can earn $10080 per month.

Technical Support

One year warranty&lifetime free technical support: 1.Help you remotely through the program we installed in the machine 2.Send engineers to your country

High quality

Strict selection of spare parts& 4 times quality inspection,72 hours test before delivery

Easy to Operate

We will provide: 1. detailed usage instructions; 2. free operation and promotion consulting