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1/2/3 seats 9D VR cinema, which one is the best choice(4)

1/2/3 seats 9D VR cinema, which one is the best choice(4)

配图4 1/2/3 seats 9D VR cinema, which one is the best choice(4)

In some of the previous articles, we have outlined the characteristics, limitations, and appropriate crowds of the 1/2/3 seats 9D cinema .

But do you know how much each machine can make each month? Each year ?

Today, we will introduce the expected benefits of different equipment in table and do a brief summary of them.

The expected benefits may vary according to the level of consumption in each country, so in today’s calculation we will use the average ticket price: 5 dollars per ticket.

Expected Profits compare of 1/2/3 seats 9D cinema .

Name Ticket price Each movie time Operation hour/ work day Income/ work day Operation hour/ weekend Income/ work day Total (Month)
1 seat 9D cinema $5 5 minutes 4 hours 240dollars 8 hours 480 dollars 9120 dollars
2 seat 9D cinema $5 5 minutes 4 hours 480dollars 8 hours 960 dollars 18240 dollars
3seat 9D cinema $5 5 minutes 4 hours 720dollars 8 hours 1440 dollars 27360 dollars


The profit looks very attractive right? Especially the 3 seats 9D Cinema, 27360 dollars one day!

But this is just the ideal situation, business is as simple as this.

In the real operation, people may encounter many problems such as compete with other similar businesses;

Little traffic, machine can not run at all the time; Few people know your business at the start,no body come; High rent low ticket price in local; machine often broke,maintenance takes a long time ……….

Many issues like these will all affect the speed you make money.

According to some of our customers feedback, following situations may be more real

  1. Customer in India : 2 seats 9D Cinema , $1.5 per ticket, run 4 hours per day, 50-60 dollars per day at the first half month, 100 dollars per day in the following days, and his business is getting better and better since more people know it. He also move his machine to some festivals to get more customers.
  2. A customer in Oman: 2 seats one, 3 dollars per ticket, run 8-10 hours per day. Earned 1500-1800 dollars at the first three day(Holiday)
  3. American customer: 1 seats one, 10 dollars per ticket, run 6 hours per day. His business just begin, the profit is at 100-120 dollars per day.
  4. Australia customer:2 Seats one, 15 dollars per ticket, 6 hours per day, the profit is 800-1000 dollars per day.

No matter how much they can earn at the first, but according to their feedback their business are getting better and better.

Wish all these info will be helpful for you, and you can found a suitable 9D Cinema according to your specific needs.

If you have any other questions or comments, pls feel free to contact us.


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