9d cinema VR Pods 1 seat

1/2/3 seats VR cinema,which one is the best choice(1)

1/2/3 seats VR cinema,which one is the best choice(1)

In the VR game simulator market, now the 9D VR cinema mainly has 1 seat,l 2seats,3 seats,6 seats.

Many people, who want to start a VR business in shopping mall, feel hard to choice a suitable seat number. Most them will think that 1 seat VR cinema can only take one players one time, three seats VR cinema is big and expensive, so they will choose two seats finally, but is it really the best choice ?

Actually, for different people they have different needs, so their suitable products will also be different. Following we will describe the advantages and disadvantages, as well as the Suitable crowd, of 9D VR cinema in different seats, hope that will be helpful for people who want to buy 9D VR cinemas.

Here is a brief summary of the pros and cons of 1 seats VR cinema

9d-cinema-VR-Pods-1-seat 1/2/3 seats VR cinema,which one is the best choice(1)

1 seat 9D VR cinema


  1. Small size:1.1*1.1*2.0M, less than 2 square meters needed
  2. Low cost: 1 seats VR cinema is priced from 5000 dollars to 6700 dollars with different configurations
  3. More flexible: one person can start the machine, do not need wait other people; easy to move around(200KG)
  4. More energy-efficient: Power 2KW, one day (8 hours) only need 12kilowatt hour
  5. Can add the 360 degree rotation to attract more customers.Two seats do not have the 360 degree rotation effect, 3 seats can rotate but the price is higher, so people who has limited budget but want this special effect, 1 seat 9D VR cinema will be a good choice


  1. Fewer players in the unit of time
  2. Not very suitable for friends or family, need to wait
  3. If there are many players, the waiting time would be a little bit long.

So for the 1 seats 9D VR cinema, it is more suitable for

  • people who has limited budget and place
  • people who want to move the machine around to operate its business
  • People who want to buy it for home use or a trial business

If you are one of them,maybe 1 seat VR cinema will be a good choice for you!

In the next article, we will describe in detail the two seats VR Cinema.

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