9d cinema VR Pods 2 seats

1/2/3 seats VR cinema,which one is the best choice(2)

1/2/3 seats VR cinema,which one is the best choice(2)

In the last article, we have introduced some pros , cons and suitable crowds for the 1 seats VR cinema.

As we said 1 seat VR cinema is more suitable for

  • people who has limited budget and place
  • people who want to move the machine around to operate its business
  • People who want to buy it for home use or a trial business

But if you don’t belong to any of them, how do you choose?

Now we will make a brief introduction of the 2 seats VR cinema

9d-cinema-VR-Pods-2-seats 1/2/3 seats VR cinema,which one is the best choice(2)


  1. High cost performance, 5600-8000 dollars can buy 1 pcs two seats VR cinema
  2. Compared with 1 seats, two seats VR cinema can have more customers within the same time. The speed for covering the cost and make profit will be faster.
  3. More suitable for friends to try together.
  4. If a person is afraid to try, someone accompanies him, he may be willing to experience the VR cinema, which will increase the traffic.
  5. When people flow is big, the queue time will be less, which will reduce the customer churn rate.
  6. Its sizeis relatively larger which can attract people’s attention.


  1. There is requirement for the size of the place and doors as the machine size is 2.1*1.1*2.0M(most)
  2. Should wait two people to start the machine, if only one player, it will waste the source.
  3. Not as flexible as the 1 seat VR cinema
  4. Investor should have enough budget,for a high performance 2 seats VR cinema, the price is ranging from 7000-8000 dollars now.

So two seats is more suitable for

  • People who have a place with relatively huge traffic.
  • People who have enough budget for this business,since except the product cost, there is also freight and tax, which will all higher than 1 seat VR cinema.

Is the 2 seats VR cinema suitable for you ?

In next article, we will have a short introduction of the three seats VR cinema.

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