1/2/3 seats VR cinema,which one is the best choice(3)

1/2/3 seats VR cinema,which one is the best choice(3)

9d-cinema-VR-Pods-3-seats 1/2/3 seats VR cinema,which one is the best choice(3)

Many people may like the 3 seats VR cinema VR very much for its big capacity.

But they will stop their plan when they meet the high price.

It is true that for the three seats VR cinema , its price is about twice times the price of the 2 seats VR cinema, so many of the investors will think that with the money of the 3 seats VR cinema I can buy 2pcs two seats VR cinema that will be 4 seats in total, so they can make more money.

If we think like this, then 3 seats VR cinema is not a good choice in deed.

but you know, it does have a reason to be here.

  1. It can add the 360 degree rotation effect and the smoke effect, which are the advantages that can not achieved by the one or two seats VR cinema .

We all know that most 1/2 seats VR cinema in the market now can not display the game contents the players see.

So when the machine run, it will not be that attractive for the people around except the players scream loudly.but not every players will scream.

Under this situation, the 3 seats VR cinema can make up for it.

The smoke and the 360 degree rotation will attract the onlookers to have a look , to have a try.

If you see some smoke on a shopping mall, don’t you feel curious about what happened ? and come to have a look?

  1. More cool appearance can be observed the from all sides, easy to attract customers.

For the 1/2 seats VR cinema, the front seat can only displayed to one side, but for the 3 seats, passengers can see its seats from all sides, which will make this product more attractive.

  1. Suitable for family use with 3 seats together(Mom,day and kid)

So actually I think 3 seats VR cinema is an excellent choice for investors who has enough budget, which will be more attractive than others.

How do you think?

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