9d cinema VR Pods 2 seats

4 things you must know before operate 9D VR simulator small business?(1)

4 things you must know before operate 9D VR simulator small business?(1)

9d-cinema-VR-Pods-2-seats 4 things you must know before operate 9D VR simulator small business?(1)

9D VR Simulator now is becoming more and more popular, and many people want to do VR business because it requires less investment money and seems to have a high profit. But before we start VR business, what should we pay attention to?

Here are a few factors to consider:
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2.What kind of machine
3.Ticket price

The novelty of the 9D movie/9D VR simulator is the primary factor in attracting customers, so in terms of geographical distribution, investors should try to avoid operating VR business in the saturated areas, and if the market becomes saturated, investors can operate in a mobile way.

If people choose to operate VR business in a fixed location, there are a lot placed available, such as the KTV,Bar,hotel,game center,family fun zone,restaurant,hall, square, theater…
No matter which place people choose, they should consider the local population, rent and traffic ,floating population.
1.1local population: Not everyone is willing to try 9D VR simulator, because some people may feel that 9D VR simulator is stupid or feel dizzy when experiencing it, so the number of potential customers will be greater if investors are to operate in a large population place. Investors can do a simple research before opening a VR business, such as consulting 100 people to see how many people are willing to experience 9D VR simulator, and then using this ratio to figure out how many people in the area are willing to pay for the 9D VR simulator. In this way, as long as investors operate and advertise properly, it is possible to predict the profits .

1.2 Rent and traffic: Place with high rents tend to have more traffic. But is it really the more expensive place the better?
This is not the case, we have to choose according to the actual situation.
Take 2 seats 9d VR Cinema as an example, we assume that investors sell 5 dollars a ticket, operate 4 hours on weekdays, and operate on weekends for 8 hours. Investors can make about 3600 dollars a week in the best case scenario. But this is only the ideal case, the real situation may be 50% to 80%. We also need to add other labor costs and overheads. So, if we want to make a profit, the rent should be controlled in a reasonable range according to the predictable profit.

1.3Folating population
We all know that a big attraction for 9D VR Simulator is freshness.
Customers may be willing to pay for the new 9d movie or the new 9D VR simulator, but the speed at which the film is updated and the speed of the new 9D VR simulator is not keeping pace with the loosing of freshness of the customers.
Therefore,in the long-term operations, investors should not only consider the local traffic of the location , but also should consider how much of traffic are floating population, such as tourists and so on.
Because the local people after long-term experience, they will loosing the freshness , but the floating population is not the same.They are just passing by and found 9d VR Simulator is very novel, then want to experience.Even if they have experienced 9D VR simulator elsewhere, they may want to compare. So if there are more floating population in the chosen site, it will be helpful for long-term operation.

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