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4 things you must know before run small VR business(2)

4 things you must know before run small VR business(2)


9D-Cinema 4 things you must know before run small VR business(2)

In the last In the previous article, I mentioned four basic elements that should consider in running a 9D Cinema business


2.What kind of machine

3.Ticket price


And described in detail the first point”where”

Today, I’d like to share with you some ideas on how to choose a right VR simulator.

In my previous articles, I’ve listed several major VR simulator on the market today.

VR simulators mainly categorized according to the VR contents.

Following is the link:

http://www.e-techzone.com/many-types-9d-vr-simulators-market-now/  (How many types 9D VR simulators in this market now)


1.9D cinema :We all know that now the most popular one is the 9D Cinema, But isit really suitable for everyone? Obviously the answer is no.

  • VR cinema is a little bit tedious for some veteran gaming enthusiasts. Because no matter where you buy from, VR cinema’s game content is similar, most of them are roller coaster, haunted house, dinosaur world, the sea and some simple shooting games.
  • But these movies and games are really suitable for women and children players, since they do not need to operate or just need a little simple operation, the game contents are more exciting but not too horrible. Video,action and sound effects allow players to experience a feeling of realism that differ form traditional video games.
  • This is also the reason why most 9D VR cinema investor choose to open their business on shopping malls, Square or park.


2.Shooting simulator/racing simulator/ VR walker space : For these VR Simulators, players need to have some experience of the game.If players not familiar with the operation, enter the game and then be killed, which will not be a good gaming experience for them. So if VR business men want to choose this kind of simulators, I think there are some things to to consider:

  • Operate with other VR simulators, if it’s a mere shooter game simulator, the players may feel bored, while if you added a double 9D cinema here, for family players, moms and kid can play 9D cinema, dad can play VR shooting Simulator, which will be better.
  • More suitable for Professional VR gaming center. The game contents of these VR simulator is more exciting and real, so it will meet the requirement of  Senior game lover.
  • Choosing a VR shooting simulator that can pk with each other or have the online mode.


The above is just two simple examples about how to choose VR simulators.

In specific situation, the VR business investor should consider the target customers, game content, and how to match different VR simulators to maximize profits.

I am sure you already have a good idea in your mind now !

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