5D theater

What should we pay attention to when opening a 7D/5D theater?

when you consider investing in the 5D theater do you have the following questions?
1.how much is the investment cost?
2.how much is the operation cost?
3.how long is the business life?
4.where is the customers?

I guess these problems will appear first when people found the this project and plan to invest on it. And after some market research, they may found some problems seem not easy to solve. For example, the operating cost, the traditional 5D theater always located in some prosperous place, while these Bustling place rent is expensive.It greatly increased the operating costs and lower profits. Second, to find these prosperous places with many target customers also needs a lot of “relationship costs”, since sometimes these places are not easy to rent.The third point, investors do not quite understand this kind of machine,so they do not know how to choose it, large-scale ones are too expensive, small ones can not take many customers.So many people want to give up after thinking of these, and they may say:5D theater project is not suitable for ordinary people, the risk is too large, the operation is too complicated. At this time, I usually say: These issues do exist in the operation of this project, these issues are indeed very tricky for some investors, but we also have a good customer operations, half a year earned 500,000. But many people still worry about the risk is too large to give up this project, so today I want to say is: indeed,5D theater can not be opened randomly, if the investment is not careful enough, it is easy to lose money. However, taking these factors into consideration, our company has developed a car-mounted 5D theater to solve the above problems such as high operating costs, high investment risk, and unstable customer base.

The advent of on-car 5D theater will solve the following problems:
1.High rent cost, the rental cost of it is almost zero, and only needs a trailer. Compared the traditional rental cost,on-car 5D theater has a great advantage.
2.There is no need to get a suitable venue through all kinds of relationships, on-car 5D movie theater /5D theater just need to follow the people.
3.The business life is extended. Since the on-car 5D theater is mobile, when a local customer no longer has a fresh feeling for it, we can move to another place.
4.If the above three issues are solved, the investment risk will greatly reduced.
Based on the on-car 5D theater, we do not worry about investment failed. If this place is not suitable we can start again at another place.
we can change from place to place. Schools, markets, temple fairs, fairs, food festivals, where is the targeted market where we put the on-car 5D movie theater /5D theater.

There are some additional advantages of on-car 5D theater, such as: free advertising. Only need to print your own posters in the car, the advertisement can follower you to everywhere.

If you have any questions about setting up a 7D/5D theater, you can consult us for free.

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