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4 things you must know before run small VR business?(4)

4 things you must know before run small VR business?(4)

14-9dvr-cinema 4 things you must know before run small VR business?(4)

9dvr cinema

The first few articles we have mainly talked about some preparatory work, and today we will discuss how to operate  your VR business/9d cinema/9dvr cinema.
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Two main purposes of promotion :attract new customers and retain users .

How to attract new customers for your VR business/9d cinema/9dvr cinema?

1, Special preferential activities: Some people may say that promotions do nothing more than price cuts, discounts, send gifts …. It is true.However, will these promotions success, which depends on the business ability of the investors.
First of all, we can not engage in promotional activities for no reason, the activities can only be done on a large holiday, Do not let the user feel that you are doing promotions every day,otherwise,when you do not do promotions, no one will come to play.
Second, when you try make discounts, do not change the prices directly. Investors can change the preferential activities into “three-person counterparts, one free” or “family peers, children play for free 2 times”.This will not only increase the flow of people, but also increase revenue
Third , when doing price reduction, investors should provide a task to the user. For example, if the original price is 15 dollars, if the player share the info to their Facebook or twitter, they just need pay 12 dollars. It will not only allow users to get the benefits, but also increase investors’ publicity. Finally, the gifts, Do not give gifts freely. Investors can set a goal, such as VR horse racing game champion can get gifts. Because human psychology is like this, gifts from competition will be more cherished.

2, The incident hype: investors can arrange some game competitions, which can not only attract players, but also to attract a lot of onlookers to expand the influence of your VR business/9d cinema/9dvr cinema.

3, Online promotion: Investors can advertise on the relevant websites online to do the Subconscious marketing.

How to retain users for your VR business/9d cinema/9dvr cinema?

1, coupons of your VR business/9d cinema/9dvr cinema: The users who is the first time come will have a coupon with big discount.With the coupons, the player will think not to waste it. Depending on their psychology, they may come for a second time or give their coupons to friends and ask their friend to play.

2, membership card: Use this card of your VR business/9d cinema/9dvr cinema to link points with discounts. For example,as long as the people come to play they can get a free membership card, if their points over 200, they can get 3 8 discount coupons, points over 500, you can get 3 free vouchers ….. .

3, Member gifts: Set a Members Day, in that day, members do not only get preferential prices, but also get beautiful gifts!

4.Member birthday record, at the day of members’ birthday, members can play for free.
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