9D VR business

Is 9D VR business profitable?

Is 9D VR business profitable?

    Virtual Reality, or VR for short, has been one of the hottest topics in the world since Facebook announced its $2 billion acquisition of Oculus in late 2014. There are many 9D VR business around the world, so today we will talk about some things about the9D VR business.
The first problem many people want to enter this industry is:is 9D VR business profitable?
    Nowadays, 9D VR business has various scales and forms. Some investors only need to buy one VR simulator to start business, while others need to prepare dozens of machines in hundreds of square meters. Someone in this industry is profitable, some lose money.But this is normal, There are profits and losses in any business model. There is no industry that can make money for everyone. If so, everyone is flocking. If someone says to you that you can definitely use VR simulator to make money, then he must be fooling you. If you want to ask me is 9d VR business profitable? I will answer you: if you want to catch up with the trend of VR and profit from it, as long as you do the following aspects, the chance of success will greatly increase.
    The regular income method is calculated as follows (using the double egg chair as an example):
    Tickets cost $5 per seat, 8 hours per day, and an average game time of five minutes.
In the case of saturated traffic: an hour can accommodate 24 customers, so the one-hour return is 24*5=120 USD. The one-day return is 120*8=960 US dollars. The gain for the week is 960*7=6720 dollars. The one-month return is 6720*30=201600 dollars.
    But this is only an algorithm under ideal conditions, in fact the profitability of the 9D VR Business is affected by many factors, from the initial positioning, location selection, target population, etc., to the selection of equipment and content, to pricing, etc., all of which affect the revenue of the experience store.
    1.The first problem we encountered was: Competition, VR business is still relatively novel, so it is less competitive with similar products and more competitive with other entertainment products.9D VR experience stores are normally located in key locations in the city(In order to get enough traffic), there is plenty of entertainment information in the surrounding area, and there are many competing products, such as movie theaters, KTVs, and amusement halls. Compared to traditional entertainment methods that people are familiar with, VR games are new and difficult to find.
    The countermeasures that can be taken are as follows:
    Product: The product needs to have its own characteristics, and it is necessary to customize the VR product according to the target customer.
    Packaging: Make use of posters, shop decoration, etc. to make 9D VR Business look more visible and refreshing, let consumers discover VR experience shop
    Category: game contents should be subdivided, according to different target customers to recommend different game content
    Hardware: You can combine some peripherals to cause consumer’s crowd effect.

    2.The second problem: players do not understand the operation or the device itself has poor game experience, so they will not choose secondary spending. Most of the players who visit the 9D VR experience store are new players. They usually go with friends, driven by curiosity, or persuaded by friends. They have had their first VR consumption. So they are unfamiliar with the operation of VR devices,which belong to non-purpose consumption.
    The countermeasures that can be taken are as follows:
    Content: Choose game content and VR devices that are not dizzy. Many investors do not pay too much attention to product configuration and parameters when buying a VR device. They often only consider the cost, resulting in a bad gaming experience for VR devices.
    Operation: Select an easy-to-use VR simulator. Some machines may look cool, but in fact the game class is similar to a traditional VR simulator., but the operation is more complicated, which will reduce the player’s interest.
    Category: Choose VR simulator that can provide multiplayer games and strong interaction to increase the fun of the game
    Duration: The game time should not be too long, 5-10 minutes is enough, which can increase the turnover rate, and can also reduce the player’s discomfort caused by wearing a VR helmet for a long time.

  3.Promote your VR business:To promote your VR business on the Internet, there are free channels and pay channels. The free promotion method:

    1)Publish your VR business in various forums.

    2)Build a website, then do website optimization. Website Optimization is mainly for Google to include your website and show your product on the homepage.

    3) use the media platform. It is now an era of media. As long as you write articles, you will write soft papers. You are not afraid that your product will not go out.

  4.The most important point is to form their own unique features and cultivate their old customers. For example, 1)building your own brand, You can print some T-shirts or cups with your own brand for old customers. 2)selling peripheral products,such as VR glasses. 3)setting up a membership system All of these can increase users’ stickiness!!!

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9D-VR-business Is 9D VR business profitable?

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