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What makes these businessmen flock to the 9d VR cinema My friend in USA told me today, now he can see VR egg cinema in almost all shopping malls. He wants to start VR business but can not found a place. Is really VR so hot now ? I find some date on Google 9D VR related keywords search in Google is more than 260,000 per month, including the keyword “VR movies” search here is
9d-cinema-operation-profit Blog

What is 9D VR

Posted by DeMatrix VR on 2017年12月16日
Category: News
What is 9D VR Now we can see many “egg chair” shape VR arcade game machines in many shopping malls with a good business. They normally called themselves “9D VR ” “VR cinema” “9D VR cinema” ”egg chair cinema” “9D cinema” or “9d VR simulator” and charge people 3-15 dollars per ticket. But few people know exactly what they are, and what content they will provide the players. So what is 9D cinema? Before answering