VR slide simulator

Unbelievable price for VR slide simulator in August

Unbelievable price for VR slide simulator in August


This morning:

Me: Boss, my customers ask us if we have some special offers this month ?

Boss: How about VR slide? It is a hot and profitable products. I saw a news :  A German company ,Therme Erding, earned 84,000 dollars within 3 month with a VR slide project.

Me:okay, how much ?

Boss:4900 dollars ?

Me: That is our retail price, we need discount

Boss:4500 dollars ?


Boss:4200 dollars?I don’t have profit now!!!

Me: my customers may prefer a bigger discount….

Boss:Fine, 3999 dollars ! get me orders !

促销八月 Unbelievable price for VR slide simulator  in August

This is the biggest discount we have this year, my friend!

VR slide simulator:

only needs 3999 dollars in August!

More than 100pcs games and DeePoon E3 HD VR glasses !

Details information:

DeMatrix VR Slide


If you are interested, contact us now !

+86 170 7083 1056

earn $84000 dollars with a VR slide project 3 month

Can we earn $84000 dollars within 3 months with a VR slide project  ?


Theme Erding announced its“Big Wave” project 

and said it is the world’s first VR water slide!

And it has attracted more than 30,000 people here within 3 month with a revenue of $84000.


Here is the details information:

Therme Erding, a German Spa Resort, lunched a new entertainment project,VR water slide and announced that is “the world’s first VR water slide”.

users will experience “big wave ” in this project.

Different from the VR roller coaster experience introduced by theme parks such as Disney and Six Flags,

users will wear the VR headset specially designed for this entertainment project, immersing themselves in the virtual world and playing in the water.


Who is Therme erding ?

Therme Erding Spa Resort, a 46-acre spa, is the second-largest spa in Europe with a daily traffic of nearly 4,000 people.

As early as March of this year, Therme Erding announced the opening of the “Big Wave” project.


What is the VR slide project ?

The water slide is 180 meters long. The tourists slide down from the height of 18 meters, the maximum speed is 45 kilometers per hour, and the taxiing time is 35 seconds.

Experience once 2 Euro ($2.33).

This water slide is a combination of two sets of water equipment that provided by German entertainment facility supplier Wiegand Maelzer.

Wiegand Maelzer is the only company in Germany who specialized in the design and production of amusement park slides.

After continuous debugging , Wiegand Maelzer, known for its innovation,has overcome the problem of perfectly combine the VR technology and water slides,

creating a true “5D water slide” for users for the first time.


According to data from the MIT Technology Review, from mid-March to late June, a total of 36,000 people experienced the “Big Wave” with revenues of $84,000.

By wearing Ballast’s custom waterproof VR headset, users can experience a variety of VR applications in their phones.


While its content is not so satisfactory for some people:


Regarding the supported VR content, it is still stuck in some simple VR experiences.

Visitors can watch CG movies such as space flights, snow adventures and more.


This project has also been rumored by a experienced media people.

“The thrill of the water slide is not the fun of this project? What fun will the VR experience change to simulate space or snowy mountains?”


Perhaps the next step, the company needs to consider optimizing VR content, so that users can feel the thrill of the water slide without a sense of jumping.


According to this phenomenon:

many people may have discovered that the combination of virtual reality technology and sliding entertainment may be a new business opportunity, but how can we seize this opportunity?


Following is our opinions:


  1. Big water slide equipment is a huge cost for ordinary people(the cost for the equipment and the rent for the land).If people wanna start your project with a lower cost and less risk, we need found a suitable motion simulator equipment and motion simulator system to simulator people’s motion on a water slide equipment.most important, this simulator should be small.
  2. As someone has said the the VR content of Therme Erding’s “big wave”is not very suitable for this project.So we need high quality sliding VR games. We need the  perfect combination of game content and sliding actions.


The best choice at the moment is the VR slide simulator

Here is it:


2-4 earn $84000 dollars with a VR slide project 3 month


Some of us may have seen it in Youtube or other platforms.

Yes, it is hot now!

And it is a good combination of virtual reality and sliding games!


  1. This machine has 12 different sliding games, such as sliding between skyscrapers.
  2. It has 3 electronic cylinders to simulate players motion in the games and has a very high accuracy.
  3. 2.The cost is low(get the latest price: alisa@e-techzone.com)
  4. 3.The space need is small, only 2 square meters.
  5. 4.its size is small, can move around with the traffic


Those points makes it a great opportunity for small business in VR filed:

  1. We can see from Therme Erding’s success or the popularity of VR slide game videos that people are prefer this kind of games, which do not need skill to control it but very exciting! So the 12 different VR sliding game will be very attractive for customers!
  2. For virtual reality games, realism and immersion are very important factors.The precise simulation of the action of the electric cylinders have solved the problem. Players wear VR glasses and sit on the simulator will have a very real experience.and the seat of the VR slide simulator is fiberglass,which is Very smooth, much like a real slide.
  3. Finding a suitable place is always a problem for most investor who wanna do some small business with game machines.we all want that the rent is not be too high, and there should be high traffic.This VR slide simulator only needs 2 square meters, so even if you rent a site in the most prosperous place, the rent should not be very high.And most important, this machine has wheels under the base. You can move it around with the traffic.its weight is about 100KG, so it is also easy to move.


We have seen many VR egg cinemas in shopping malls, indoor playground or amusement park.

Most owners of these machine have made a lot of money!

We have reasons to believe that VR slide simulator will continue its success as it is so attractive !

When those people choose to do VR business and buy a 9D VR egg cinema,what they face is being not sure if VR can be welcomed.

They took huge risks to do that decision,

while now,

if you wanna do a small VR business, you only need to find a good product and a good place!


Read more about how to doing VR business :

How To Operate Your 9D VR Business?

How to open a 9D cinema?


Is 9D VR business profitable?








Ongoing VR investment, a new VR world is coming

Ongoing VR investment, a new VR world is coming

Ongoing VR investment, a new VR world is coming

QQ截图20180706155121 Ongoing VR investment, a new VR world is coming

Ongoing VR investment, a new VR world is coming

VR active users on Steam increased by 160% year-on-year

In a industry event held last week , Valve announced the latest date from Steam.Among them is not only the company’s growing PC game users, but also some new date from VR game users.

At 2018 St. Petersburg White Day held last week, Jan-peter Ewert of Valve offered the new Steam date, The daily active users of the platform is up to 43 million(25 million in the same period in 2016), because this company has adopted a new review method, developers can easily promote their project to Steam, and the average number of games released per week have increased to 180.

Besides, Jan- peter also said in his speech, VR is a “ongoing VR investment”, and VR content on Steam is a “Thriving market”. He said, The monthly active users on Steam have increased 160% year to year.(Ongoing VR investment, a new VR world is coming)

Valve didn’t disclose the solid date of how many VR active users per month, while Road to VR has done an estimation through some official date surveys from Steam, by comparing Steam’s hardware and software data, and the date given by Jan-peter, they estimated that the monthly active user is about 87.3 million, and 0.7% of them have used VR, so the VR active users on Steam is about 601,000. (Ongoing VR investment, a new VR world is coming )

How could we seize this opportunity?

VR is become more and more common in people’s life. And the person who like VR is also growing rapidly.
As Jan-peter said, this is an “ongoing investment”, it is a “Thriving market”, it is a good investment idea for us.

However, for most of us, non- professional person, research ,develop and sell VR programs is not very possible. It needs huge capital and professional knowledge.
The things we can do should be less skills requirement. For example. VR hardware and VR simulator, we can be a retailer of all kinds of VR hardware, or we can be a owner of VR business, investing an VR simulator, put it in a place with a lot of traffic.

Both of them are good ways for us to make some fortune in the VR trend.We do not need much capital at the beginning, do not need much professional knowledge.

(Ongoing VR investment, a new VR world is coming)

New VR simulator – VR slide

Hi everybody 

are you looking for some new machines for your business to attract more customers?

today we will introduce a new VR machine that absolutely brings you much more return !!!

It is VR slide!

somebody may ask what is VR slide ?

VR slide is a combination of a dynamic platform and a sliding game. The 3-axis electric cylinder allows the dynamic platform to move freely in six dimensions, accurately simulating sliding motions and giving feedback.

DeMatrix VR slide contains 12 different types of sliding games that can meet the needs of different customer groups. These sliding games are all 360-degree panoramic, plus a unique motion simulator and VR glasses, which allows players to have an immersive feeling!!!

why we need a VR slide ?

I guess some of you you might heard this machine before.

as long as you search VR slide on YouTube you can see that there are many videos with millions of watching.

Then you will know how popular it is, how big profit it may bring you.

This is also the reason why we wanna introduce this product to you !

vr-slide-6 New VR simulator - VR slide

why you should buy a VR slide now ?

we got many replies after we introduced our customers this new VR slide ,they are very interested in VR slide and willing to buy one set for a try if the price is reasonable.

based on this situation, our company decided to launch a sales to support our customers.

VR slide original price 5600 dollars,

From 13th June to 30th June,it only needs 4900 dollars and with 1000pcs VR mask for free!

if you are interested or wanna get more information about this product.

you can check our website or contact us directly!


+86 170 7083 1056

Summer promotion for 6 seats VR tank, 2 seats VR cinema, VR racing simulator

Summer promotion for 6 seats VR tank, 2 seats VR cinema, VR racing simulator

Summer holiday is coming,which is a busy season for us who are doing business in the entertainment filed.
Recently many of our customers are rushing to that to seize this great business opportunity!
In order to give back and help our customers, we decided to have a promotion for the three most popular products:6 seats VR tank, 2 seats VR cinema, VR racing simulator!!!
In here you can find super big discounts and free gifts! !
Following is the detail

促销2 Summer promotion for 6 seats VR tank, 2 seats VR cinema, VR racing simulator

6 seats VR tank, 2 seats VR cinema, VR racing simulator

Why we choose these 3 VR simulators?

They are the most popular ones now!

  • 2 seats 9D VR cinema:Everyone knows that it is very hot now and can be seen in many places. The owners earned a lot of money with that!
  • 6 seats VR tank, it is cool, right ? Its unique and cool appearance can easily catch people’s attention and bring more customers to the business. Six seats can accommodate more players at the same time, reducing waiting time and allowing businesses to earn more revenue in the same amount of time.
  • VR racing car:Racing is a toy that is never out of date, and whether it is 3D or 4D has always been very popular. But when the car is coupled with VR technology, people will crazy for this toy, super-realistic picture and action simulation, so that players feel like being in the real arena to experience speed and excitement.

If you are interested, pls feel free to contact us