New VR simulator – VR slide

Hi everybody 

are you looking for some new machines for your business to attract more customers?

today we will introduce a new VR machine that absolutely brings you much more return !!!

It is VR slide!

somebody may ask what is VR slide ?

VR slide is a combination of a dynamic platform and a sliding game. The 3-axis electric cylinder allows the dynamic platform to move freely in six dimensions, accurately simulating sliding motions and giving feedback.

DeMatrix VR slide contains 12 different types of sliding games that can meet the needs of different customer groups. These sliding games are all 360-degree panoramic, plus a unique motion simulator and VR glasses, which allows players to have an immersive feeling!!!

why we need a VR slide ?

I guess some of you you might heard this machine before.

as long as you search VR slide on YouTube you can see that there are many videos with millions of watching.

Then you will know how popular it is, how big profit it may bring you.

This is also the reason why we wanna introduce this product to you !

vr-slide-6 New VR simulator - VR slide

why you should buy a VR slide now ?

we got many replies after we introduced our customers this new VR slide ,they are very interested in VR slide and willing to buy one set for a try if the price is reasonable.

based on this situation, our company decided to launch a sales to support our customers.

VR slide original price 5600 dollars,

From 13th June to 30th June,it only needs 4900 dollars and with 1000pcs VR mask for free!

if you are interested or wanna get more information about this product.

you can check our website or contact us directly!

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Summer promotion for 6 seats VR tank, 2 seats VR cinema, VR racing simulator

Summer promotion for 6 seats VR tank, 2 seats VR cinema, VR racing simulator

Summer holiday is coming,which is a busy season for us who are doing business in the entertainment filed.
Recently many of our customers are rushing to that to seize this great business opportunity!
In order to give back and help our customers, we decided to have a promotion for the three most popular products:6 seats VR tank, 2 seats VR cinema, VR racing simulator!!!
In here you can find super big discounts and free gifts! !
Following is the detail

促销2 Summer promotion for 6 seats VR tank, 2 seats VR cinema, VR racing simulator

6 seats VR tank, 2 seats VR cinema, VR racing simulator

Why we choose these 3 VR simulators?

They are the most popular ones now!

  • 2 seats 9D VR cinema:Everyone knows that it is very hot now and can be seen in many places. The owners earned a lot of money with that!
  • 6 seats VR tank, it is cool, right ? Its unique and cool appearance can easily catch people’s attention and bring more customers to the business. Six seats can accommodate more players at the same time, reducing waiting time and allowing businesses to earn more revenue in the same amount of time.
  • VR racing car:Racing is a toy that is never out of date, and whether it is 3D or 4D has always been very popular. But when the car is coupled with VR technology, people will crazy for this toy, super-realistic picture and action simulation, so that players feel like being in the real arena to experience speed and excitement.

If you are interested, pls feel free to contact us


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New business opportunities from the success of VR game “Beat Saber”

VR game “Beat Saber” has been a great success. When people are immersed in virtual reality devices, what new business opportunities can we discover?

VR game “Beat Saber” sold 50,000 copies in the first week, and revenue was about 1 million US dollars.

In the first week of its launch, the VR game “Beat Saber” sold 50,000 copies on Steam and Oculus with revenues of up to $1 million. This is a landmark success for an independent studio that is still in the preemptive version and has only three members.
The Beat Saber developer Hyperbolic Magnetism confirmed on Twitter that the game has sold 50,000 copies and is not far from 100,000 copies. It is reported that the game is priced at 20 US dollars, bringing developers about 1 million US dollars in revenue.
Considering that the game was independently developed by Hyperbolic Magnetism Studios, plus the niche position of VR, and the fact that the game has not yet been launched on PSVR, “Beat Saber” can be said to be a great success for independent developers. And it should be noted that the game is currently only on the line for two weeks.
The VR game <OASIS> in the movie <Ready Player One> may take several decades to emerge. But now there are more and more interesting and high-quality VR games like “Beat Saber”, more and more high quality virtual reality devices. These high-quality games and virtual reality devices are constantly promoting people’s demand for VR games virtual reality devices.
Although people’s consumer demand for VR games and virtual reality devices is growing rapidly, only a small number of households have the ability to purchase expensive virtual reality devices and high-performance computers.
So now is the golden opportunity to deploy VR experience stores. Just as computer games and online games have emerged in the past, a large number of people have poured into Internet cafes for entertainment. In the future, more and more people will go to the VR experience stores to enjoy the unlimited pleasure brought by various virtual reality devices and VR games.

How To Operate Your 9D VR Business?

How To Operate Your 9D VR Business? Choose the suitable VR simulators 

vr-simulators How To Operate Your 9D VR Business?

9D VR business is a new small business idea in shopping malls where have huge flow of people.

Since 2015,it became very popular and spread quickly around the world.

In 2016 as Oculus CV1 and HTC VIVE comes to people’ sight and the concept of VR known by more and more people, those ones who open start 9D VR businesses at that time are the first to eat the crab and have already earn a lot with the profit of 10800-15000 dollars a month by just one set 9D VR Cinema.

In 2018, the film <Ready Player One> just brought this business idea to another level. With thousands of people rushing to try VR games, more and more places and people are starting 9D VR business. We all know the flow of people is the key to 9D VR business but how to operate it and get a huge success, is more than this.

For The One Who Want To Run 9D VR Business

The key of 9D VR business is the flow of people, that’s why most of the big shopping mall already have VR simulators in it. Your first step is to find a place with enough fresh flow of people, while  Shopping mall is not your only choice. If the shopping malls in your local already have VR simulators, try the amusement parks or arcade game centers. You can go talk to the owner and make a deal. if you just can’t find a place with enough flow of people, there is a plan B: fix your VR simulator on a trunk so that you can move your VR business to the different places where are full of people.

Next Step

Most people started their VR experience business with 9D VR Cinema, because it is easy to run and very profitable. With enough customers, it can earn more than a $1000/day.

While after they cover your cost and start make money form their businesses, they will just keep it in his way, which is a short sight way! VR business will replace arcade game center in one day, the correct way is to lower the ticket of your old machine and buy more new VR Simulators which are more interesting.So that People are willing to come back again and again. In this way, investors can block other competitors join in this business in their locations. More importantly, they can expand their business and update their business mode, such as create an brand and start chain business.

Many investors will wondering if I already have a profitable VR business why I should spend more money and time add new VR simulators.But there are several reason for us to do so:

Most people are willing to try 9D VR Cinema because they want to know what VR games feel like and they can’t afford to buy VR headset like HTC VIVE and try it at home. But fewer people are willing to try again and again. Besides, the ticket of VR cinema is a little bit expensive compared with arcade game centers. Finally, the content of 9D VR Cinema is not immersive enough for repeat playing. That’s why you should buy VR simulators like VR Walker, VR Slide, VR Games Platform and VR Racing Simulator to expand your business.

With enough people knowing your business in local, you can move your business to some new places where the rent is much cheaper but the transportation is convenient. Then you can run your business with much lower ticket price then people will come again and again like they go to arcade game centers. In this period your profit will become very huge and stable. If other people want to join this business, it will be very expensive for them. And you will have ability to compete with them.

Ready player one

Ready Player One And 9D VR Business

Ready Player One And 9D VR Business

Ready-player-one Ready Player One And 9D VR Business

The film Ready Player One is very hot these days. It shows us how fantastic and amazing a VR game can be and it also reveals the reason why people like VR game so much: You can do all the things that you can’t do in your real life. Many people can’t do the things they really do is not because they don’t have enough money to do it. It is because they were trapped in their life for now or forever. For example, you won’t go to be a killer even you can if you love your family very much. And also there has not much exciting tasks for you like the movie. But in a VR game, you can be a stone cold killer best in the best and experience the exciting moment like the scene in the movie. 9D VR business is already very hot in many places and it would become much hotter because the movie Ready Player One.
9D VR business is based on VR simulator, which can provide motion feedback or some real feeling like hot, touch wind and so on. VR simulator make people can feel more real than just a VR goggles that’s why 9D VR business is hot now even some people say 9D Cinema is shit while others are having fun. And what’s more important is the cost to experience VR is too high for most people. Even you just play with Oculus or HTC Vive, it would charge you more than 2000 dollars for the VR headset and a functional computer.
9D VR business is very similar to Arcade game center, people can spend little money then can experience many games and VR simulators when they want. And nobody will build an Arcade game center in his house unless he like it very much and rich enough. 9D VR business is becoming a new entertainment since more and more people know about it and get addicted to it. In the future there will definitely have thousands of VR Theme Parks just like Arcade game center. Those people who see and seize this opportunity already use 9D Cinema to earn a lot of money, even though the resolution is still very low and some people feel dizzy. People want to try VR themselves, no matter what others say.
9D Cinema now has a big update, the resolution of the goggles is much higher than 2 years ago, and the function of computer is much better. People can experience roller coaster, dinosaur attack and horrible games very easily by 9D Cinema. For the place has a mall with huge people flow it is still a good chance to make money.

For the place people already get bored with 9D Cinema, VR walker or VR walk platform is a very good way to update your 9D VR business. These VR simulators can let people play VR games like the ways in Ready Player One. They allows players to shoot and punch like a real killer or fighter. It is only a small part of <OASIS> but it is great enough to run your 9D VR business and earn you a lot of money.
But to be honest VR Racing Simulator is the best VR simulator for now, you can racing a car like racing a real car. The dynamic seat can give you all the feedback when you driving a real car: shake, brake, speed up, turn around and so on. You will forget you are playing a game and think you are the real racer!!!