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Electric or Hydraulic system,which one is better for 7D interactive cinemas

Electric or Hydraulic system,which one is better for 7D interactive cinemas?

We’ve already described what 5D and 7D Interactive cinemas are in our previous articles, and one of the obvious things they have in common is that they have to use dynamic seats.
Now in the market, there are two mainly used dynamic systems, one is electronic dynamic system, another is Hydraulic dynamic system.

But which one is better ?

Today we detail the differences between the Hydraulic 5D/7D interactive cinemas and the Electric 5D/7D interactive cinemas , hoping to help those who want to buy them.

Electric or Hydraulic system 5D/7D interactive cinemas, their difference are mainly in two aspects: Dynamic systems and control methods.

  • Dynamic systems

Electric system use the Servo Electric Cylinder for the Action Simulation Hydraulic system use the Hydraulic Cylinder

  • Control methods

Hydraulic 5D/7D interactive cinemas use opened-loop control system. Electric 5D/7D interactive cinemas use the closed-loop control system,

It is necessary for is to know the difference of Open-loop and closed-loop control system first. To avoid too many technical terms, we can understand it like this: the Open-loop system can only control the seat to move or not move.As to the speed and amplitude of the movement, are not controllable. Closed-loop control system can not only control the seats movement, but also can adjust the speed and amplitude.
We know that only when the speed and position change we imitated is same with the object , we will feel very lifelike, as if it is really in the roller coaster, the race car.If the seat is just moving, speed and amplitude of the movement is not consistent with the real object, We might be fresh at first, but soon we’ll be tired of the system that shakes us. That is the problem Hydraulic 5D/7D interactive cinemas faced now.

  • Others

Electric 5D/7D interactive cinemas Hydraulic 5D/7D interactive cinemas
Installation Direct compatibility with other electronic control components using simple wiring Need tubing, filtration devices and pumps. The compatibility of parts must be closely watched.
Control Automatic operation of complex motion through solid-state control equipment for processors Electronic/fluid interfaces are required and, in some cases, heterogeneous valve designs are required. Because of the hysteresis effect, the static region, the pressure and the temperature change problem, so the control is very complex.
Speed Smooth, with variable speed ability, the range of velocity varies from 0.5 to 1500mm/s.


Difficult to control accurately. varies with temperature and wear. There may be sticky sliding problems.
Reliability Repeatable, replicable performance throughout the life of the product, with little maintenance required. Very sensitive to pollution. The fluid source needs to be maintained. Seals are easily leaked. If diligent maintenance can guarantee good reliability.
Output Max 350KN The force is almost unlimited
Cycle life Hundreds of cycles can be achieved under rated load. Easy to predict life expectancy. Depending on the design and wear of the seals;Usually good.
Environment The rated temperature range of the standard model is 20 degrees to 120 degrees. itself has the characteristics of cleanliness and energy efficiency. Serious problems may occur at extreme temperatures. Seals may leak.
Security If the power off, optional brake motor automatic brake, screw device will automatically lock. Complex standby security devices must be used
Cost The original cost is medium, maintenance and operation cost is very low. High installation and maintenance costs. Initial cost is lower.

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