How to open a 9D cinema?

How to open a 9D cinema?

9D-CINEMA-2 How to open a 9D cinema?

More and more people want to open 9D cinema, but they are not familiar with how. Recently, many people have asked me: How to open a 9D cinema?
This question is difficult to answer because it is not just one question. There are many aspects involved in opening a 9D cinema. Today we will list the 4 most common questions and answer them, hoping that they would like to open 9D cinema.

1.How much is the start cost?

The start cost includes : the cost of the 9D cinema(you can also choose other VR simulators), the freight, the tax, and the rent for the place.
1)The cost of the 9D cinema depends on the quality you choose,normally it is from 5000-8000 dollars.(other VR simulator will have different prices)
2)The freight is depends on your location, if you wan to know, just add my whatapp and tell me your city,I will check that for you. Whatsapp :+ 86 170 7083 1056
3)The tax is depends on the tax rate charged by your government, you can check it with an agent in your country.
3)the rent depends on the place you choose and size you need. For the 9D cinema, you only need 3-4 square meters. About how to choose a suitable place, you can refer to another articles in our website.

2.Whats is the steps ?

1)Choose a VR simulator you like. How to choose a good VR simulator.
2)Discuss the price and get the detail info, especially size
3)Find a suitable place in your country for start your VR business. How to find a suitable place.
4)Buy the VR simulator, arrange the payment
5)We will ship it to your country after received the payment.
6)Waiting the arrival of the VR simulator
7)Do the custom clearance, pay the tax
8)Take the machine to your place
9)Open your VR business
(About the operation, we will provide use manual and the machine is set up before delivery)

3.How much I can earn ?

This depend on which country you are and what kind of machine you choose.
The 3 seats 9D cinema can accommodate more people than 1 seat 9D cinema, so it has more revenue per unit of time.
Different countries have different economic levels and fare prices.
So it’s hard for me to tell you exactly what you can earn.
However, the average duration of each game is about 5 minutes. With knowing this, we can calculate the revenue . For example, a 3 seats 9D cinema can play 12 movies in an hour so in an hour, a 3 seat 9D cinema can hold about 36 people. The fare $5, which is $180 an hour.
Calculation formula: Number of seats *12* Fare* = Income within one hour.
Using this income minus costs, the rest is your net profit.

4.How to do maintenance?

We provide a one-year warranty and lifetime free technical support.


More questions you can check our RFQ or Blog.

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