How To Operate Your 9D VR Business?

How To Operate Your 9D VR Business? Choose the suitable VR simulators 

vr-simulators How To Operate Your 9D VR Business?

9D VR business is a new small business idea in shopping malls where have huge flow of people.

Since 2015,it became very popular and spread quickly around the world.

In 2016 as Oculus CV1 and HTC VIVE comes to people’ sight and the concept of VR known by more and more people, those ones who open start 9D VR businesses at that time are the first to eat the crab and have already earn a lot with the profit of 10800-15000 dollars a month by just one set 9D VR Cinema.

In 2018, the film <Ready Player One> just brought this business idea to another level. With thousands of people rushing to try VR games, more and more places and people are starting 9D VR business. We all know the flow of people is the key to 9D VR business but how to operate it and get a huge success, is more than this.

For The One Who Want To Run 9D VR Business

The key of 9D VR business is the flow of people, that’s why most of the big shopping mall already have VR simulators in it. Your first step is to find a place with enough fresh flow of people, while  Shopping mall is not your only choice. If the shopping malls in your local already have VR simulators, try the amusement parks or arcade game centers. You can go talk to the owner and make a deal. if you just can’t find a place with enough flow of people, there is a plan B: fix your VR simulator on a trunk so that you can move your VR business to the different places where are full of people.

Next Step

Most people started their VR experience business with 9D VR Cinema, because it is easy to run and very profitable. With enough customers, it can earn more than a $1000/day.

While after they cover your cost and start make money form their businesses, they will just keep it in his way, which is a short sight way! VR business will replace arcade game center in one day, the correct way is to lower the ticket of your old machine and buy more new VR Simulators which are more interesting.So that People are willing to come back again and again. In this way, investors can block other competitors join in this business in their locations. More importantly, they can expand their business and update their business mode, such as create an brand and start chain business.

Many investors will wondering if I already have a profitable VR business why I should spend more money and time add new VR simulators.But there are several reason for us to do so:

Most people are willing to try 9D VR Cinema because they want to know what VR games feel like and they can’t afford to buy VR headset like HTC VIVE and try it at home. But fewer people are willing to try again and again. Besides, the ticket of VR cinema is a little bit expensive compared with arcade game centers. Finally, the content of 9D VR Cinema is not immersive enough for repeat playing. That’s why you should buy VR simulators like VR Walker, VR Slide, VR Games Platform and VR Racing Simulator to expand your business.

With enough people knowing your business in local, you can move your business to some new places where the rent is much cheaper but the transportation is convenient. Then you can run your business with much lower ticket price then people will come again and again like they go to arcade game centers. In this period your profit will become very huge and stable. If other people want to join this business, it will be very expensive for them. And you will have ability to compete with them.

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