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How many types 9D VR simulators in this market now

In fact, VR has been more or less experienced by the vast number of users. When people are hanging on a shopping mall they meet a 9D VR simulator , may pay 5-15 dollars to have a try. some may buy a VR helmet at home to play. Curiosity is a shortcut to promote the whole human progress and it promoted the development of 9D VR business. But for a variety of products on the market now, few people may know how to choose., today I will mainly describe now how many types of  9D VR products now have.


9D VR simulators mainly categorized according to the VR contents.

1.9D VR cinema, most of its VR contents are 9D or 5Dmovies, so it called like this.

It also have other extended names such as “egg chair cinema”, “9D VR pods” which are named according to the shape.

There are also some shooting games in 9D VR cinema, but only 2-10 pcs, so its main function is still for experience 9D or 5D movies.

2.9D VR shooting simulators

We can see according to the name, this kind of machine is main for shooting games.

Its extended names is VR Gatling gun simulator, since the shape of the gun is Gatling.

For the VR shooting simulators, it have single player version or dual players version

The dual player version also called VR fight simulator..

3.9D VR Horse riding/ racing simulator

This kind of machine is specially the horsing racing games. But now in the market, suitable games for this type of machine is not very much. It is less than 5 pcs.

4.9D VR bicycle simulator

It is for riding bicycle, and specially used for gym or homes.The price of VR bicycle simulator is not very high. User can buy it at home for fitness to get rid of the boring of traditional running machines.

5.9D VR racing simulator

In this type, there are two kinds of VR racing simulators according to their shapes. One is VR motorbike simulator another is VR racing car simulator. Their games are all racing games.

6.9DVR walker/ Omni VR treadmill

Actually, this kind of machine is also for VR shooting games,but player can run to omni directions according to the VR game content.

7.9D VR game platform.

This kind of machine includes all kinds of different VR games, the game quantity can up to 30-50pcs including ski, boxing, shooting, roller coaster, movies…. player can use the game handles to finish the game motions and moves slightly within the game platform.

This kind of machine is less priced than VR cinema but with more attracting game contents, which is more suitable for players player again and again.

There are also other strange 9D VR simulator names.

Such as 720 degree VR flight, 360 VR king kong, VR flight…their VR contents are similar or same to the VR cinema / or shooting simulator, just their motion simulation is difference, such as can rotate 360 or 720 degree.

After all, the developing of a new movie is more more more expensive than developing a new shape.

配图 How many types 9D VR simulators in this market now

So in next article we will describe what kind of VR contents are in these machines.


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