New VR simulator – VR slide

Hi everybody 

are you looking for some new machines for your business to attract more customers?

today we will introduce a new VR machine that absolutely brings you much more return !!!

It is VR slide!

somebody may ask what is VR slide ?

VR slide is a combination of a dynamic platform and a sliding game. The 3-axis electric cylinder allows the dynamic platform to move freely in six dimensions, accurately simulating sliding motions and giving feedback.

DeMatrix VR slide contains 12 different types of sliding games that can meet the needs of different customer groups. These sliding games are all 360-degree panoramic, plus a unique motion simulator and VR glasses, which allows players to have an immersive feeling!!!

why we need a VR slide ?

I guess some of you you might heard this machine before.

as long as you search VR slide on YouTube you can see that there are many videos with millions of watching.

Then you will know how popular it is, how big profit it may bring you.

This is also the reason why we wanna introduce this product to you !

vr-slide-6 New VR simulator - VR slide

why you should buy a VR slide now ?

we got many replies after we introduced our customers this new VR slide ,they are very interested in VR slide and willing to buy one set for a try if the price is reasonable.

based on this situation, our company decided to launch a sales to support our customers.

VR slide original price 5600 dollars,

From 13th June to 30th June,it only needs 4900 dollars and with 1000pcs VR mask for free!

if you are interested or wanna get more information about this product.

you can check our website or contact us directly!

+86 170 7083 1056

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