9D VR Car Simulator

9D VR Car Simulator has exact the same operate system as a real car and car shaking, road bump, shake of swift gear, feedback of accelerate and brake, tilt of turn. Which means you can enjoy the real car racing without any dangers. 9D VR Cinema business is a small business with great profitability. First of all, you only need to rent yourself a spot about 2 square meters, which has great customer flows. Then buy a 9D VR Cinema Simulator for a qualified supplier. Finally, run your VR Cinema and charge $5 for each ticket. Normally, most of the VR Cinema runner cover their cost with 2 months and earn about $10000 a month. That’s why more and more people try to run their small business idea. 9D VR Car Simulator can not only be a racing simulator but also be a driving simulator to learn practice how to drive.

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