9D VR Walker Platform

9D VR Walker Platform are arcade machines for new small business idea in shopping mall. 9D VR Walker Platform can detect your steps and translate them into the virtual reality games. 9D VR Cinema business is a small business with great profitability. First of all, you only need to rent yourself a spot about 2 square meters, which has great customer flows. Then buy a 9D VR Cinema Simulator for a qualified supplier. Finally, run your VR Cinema and charge $5 for each ticket. Normally, most of the VR Cinema runner cover their cost with 2 months and earn about $10000 a month. That’s why more and more people try to run their small business idea. 9D VR Walker Platform can make you feel you really get in the virtual world. They allow you to fight a “real” battle, walk through the real war. After you take off the kit, you sweat and tired.

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