AR Interactive Projection Game Machine

Interactive projection game machine, we also call it AR Interactive Projection Game Machine, although it is not a real AR. This new interactive projection game machine is now mainly divided into three categories: The first is the interactive throwing balls game combined with naughty castle The second is an interactive slide game combined with an amusement park slide, and the third is an interactive projection sandbox game combined with a sand table.
Compared with traditional amusement equipment, interactive projection games machine allow children to not only play games but also interact with characters in the games. For example, in an interactive shuttlecock, children can use the balls in the pool to beat monsters. Interactive slides, slides show different animals and special effects as the children sliding. In interactive sandboxes, children can use sandboxes to create a variety of things.
These products have brought vitality to traditional playgrounds, and they are also very popular with children. Therefore, more and more playgrounds have begun to purchase such interactive projection game machine to increase the competitiveness of their playgrounds and attract more customers.

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