VR motorcycles simulator

Name: VR motorcycle simulator

Model: DM-MS1





Max load:300kg

Around range:±17°

Left and right range:±23°

Lifting range:130mm




Product-instruction VR motorcycles simulator

VR motorcycles simulator

Do you want to ride a motorcycle on the road to enjoy the speed, passion and freedom ? Most of people will answer yes, but this idea is hard to realize for normal people, because there are too many restriction in the real world we live.

However, with the development of VR technology, now we can make this dream come true, just ride on the VR motorcycle simulator, you can enjoy the speed !!!

Our VR motorcycles simulator use 3 axis electronic cylinders top achieve the simulation of the real road condition and the feedback. now this machine contains 15 pcs VR games, which will meet the needs of different players.   

The following is the configuration and details of VR motorcycles simulator .

Standard options

1.Standard configuration: 1pcs dynamic game platform  + 1pcs Deepon E3 VR glasses + 1pcs 22inch Console

Product-instruction VR motorcycles simulator

Product-instruction VR motorcycles simulator

 Details information of VR motorcycles simulator

Product-instruction VR motorcycles simulator

Features of VR motorcycles simulator

Product-instruction VR motorcycles simulator

  • Applications

Product-instruction VR motorcycles simulator

  • Package

Product-instruction VR motorcycles simulator

Product-instruction VR motorcycles simulator

1.What is the warranty?

We provide one year warranty for the hardware, 3 years warranty for the software and life time technical support.

2.How I get the after sales service?

We have a very mature technology now and before delivery there will be 4 times quality inspection and 72 hours test.

Normally only after long operation there may be some small problems need adjustment, in this case,  

We help you remotely through the programs we installed before delivery.


We send technicians to your location to help you.

You send technician to come to our factory to learn how to fix.

But since our establishment, we never meet such kind f problems with all our customers around the world.

3.How long is the production?

For the two seats 9D cinema/VR Pods , the production time is 3-5 work days. 

4.How to delivery this product?

If  you have cooperated shipment forwarder, we can quote you EXW price. And you can inform your shipment forwarder to pick up the good on our factory.

Or, we have long cooperated shipment forwarder, we can help you arrange the product to the destination port or your location.

5.How much is the delivery ? How long and how much ?

This will depends on which city you are and what kind of shipment way you choose.

Now we support shipment by sea , air and railway .

Feel free to contact us to know the freight and shipment time. Click here.

6.How to arrange the payment ?

We support payment through Bank transfer,Credit card,PayPal, LC , Western union .

Product-instruction VR motorcycles simulator

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Factory Address: No. 1010,Block A, Hengran Creative Park,Dalong Road, Panyu District, Guangzhou City,China



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