VR space flight simulator

Name : VR Space flight simulator

Model : DM-FS1

Game: 2

Player: 1

Weight: 600kg

Size:2.1*2.4*2.1 m

Voltage: 220v

Power: 2 kw

Warranty: 1 year






Introduction of VR space flight simulator

VR space flight simulator is a new product this year. Actually it is a combination of racing games and flight games. There are 2 games in total, while in those games, players have multiple game scenes in choice. This simulator use the unique motion simulation system, it can rotation 720 degrees in total(360 degree up and down, 360 degree left and right). Its motions are specially designed for the game content, and it has perfect synchronization with game content, the accurate rate can up to 96%.With the high quality wheels,pedal and the flight joystick, players will have an amazing VR adventure.

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1-2 VR space flight simulator


Features of VR space flight simulator

1-2 VR space flight simulator

1-2 VR space flight simulator

1-2 VR space flight simulator

Detailed pictures of VR space flight simulator 1-2 VR space flight simulator

1-2 VR space flight simulator

Specification of VR space flight simulator 

Goods list of DeMatrix VR flight simulator

Operation system


Wheels and pedals

1 set

Screen 32-inch 1pc
Seat 1pc
VR glasses 1pc
Motion cabin 1 pc
Motion base 1pc
Motion system 1pc
Game 2pcs
Joystick 1pc
Wireless Network card 1pc
PC 1 set
Keyboard and mouse 1 set


The products are installed before shipment. Under normal circumstances, buyers do not need to install the equipment themselves. In special cases, such as the safety of packaging and transportation, some parts need to be disassembled, we will provide installation instructions.

Market analysis of VR space flight simulator

as we can see there are more and more VR simulators in this market now, while most of them are for watching VR movies or play VR racing games, each machine will have only one function.

so the appear of VR space flight simulator will be a good opportunity for people who want to do VR business. It looks cool, it has two types games and its 720 rotation can attract people’s eyes.

with the money of 1 set VR device , investors can get the effect of more than two VR machine !!