Ready player one

Ready Player One And 9D VR Business

Ready Player One And 9D VR Business

Ready-player-one Ready Player One And 9D VR Business

The film Ready Player One is very hot these days. It shows us how fantastic and amazing a VR game can be and it also reveals the reason why people like VR game so much: You can do all the things that you can’t do in your real life. Many people can’t do the things they really do is not because they don’t have enough money to do it. It is because they were trapped in their life for now or forever. For example, you won’t go to be a killer even you can if you love your family very much. And also there has not much exciting tasks for you like the movie. But in a VR game, you can be a stone cold killer best in the best and experience the exciting moment like the scene in the movie. 9D VR business is already very hot in many places and it would become much hotter because the movie Ready Player One.
9D VR business is based on VR simulator, which can provide motion feedback or some real feeling like hot, touch wind and so on. VR simulator make people can feel more real than just a VR goggles that’s why 9D VR business is hot now even some people say 9D Cinema is shit while others are having fun. And what’s more important is the cost to experience VR is too high for most people. Even you just play with Oculus or HTC Vive, it would charge you more than 2000 dollars for the VR headset and a functional computer.
9D VR business is very similar to Arcade game center, people can spend little money then can experience many games and VR simulators when they want. And nobody will build an Arcade game center in his house unless he like it very much and rich enough. 9D VR business is becoming a new entertainment since more and more people know about it and get addicted to it. In the future there will definitely have thousands of VR Theme Parks just like Arcade game center. Those people who see and seize this opportunity already use 9D Cinema to earn a lot of money, even though the resolution is still very low and some people feel dizzy. People want to try VR themselves, no matter what others say.
9D Cinema now has a big update, the resolution of the goggles is much higher than 2 years ago, and the function of computer is much better. People can experience roller coaster, dinosaur attack and horrible games very easily by 9D Cinema. For the place has a mall with huge people flow it is still a good chance to make money.

For the place people already get bored with 9D Cinema, VR walker or VR walk platform is a very good way to update your 9D VR business. These VR simulators can let people play VR games like the ways in Ready Player One. They allows players to shoot and punch like a real killer or fighter. It is only a small part of <OASIS> but it is great enough to run your 9D VR business and earn you a lot of money.
But to be honest VR Racing Simulator is the best VR simulator for now, you can racing a car like racing a real car. The dynamic seat can give you all the feedback when you driving a real car: shake, brake, speed up, turn around and so on. You will forget you are playing a game and think you are the real racer!!!


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