4 things you must know before open VR business(3)

4 things you must know before open VR business(3)

13-virtual-reality-simulator 4 things you must know before open VR business(3)

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We’ve talked about “where” “how to choose machine” for creating a VR business.
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Today we will discuss how to set a reasonable price for your virtual reality simulator. In fact, this problem be simple or complex. Most people priced based on the price of others, so it’s easy. However, some investors may consider the impact of price on crowd flow and income and hope to set a reasonable price to attract more customers, so it’s complex.
The two main methods of charging in the market today are: on-time billing and pay-per-view. The first method mainly used on the VR Experience Museums. They will rent a shop and buy 7-10 pcs different virtual reality simulator.
The second one mainly used by Mobile VR experience shop.1-2 VR simulators is enough,Investors can rent a place at any time, such as near a supermarket, near a school, or a large shopping mall, but this approach requires investors be more cautious when choosing equipment and to select equipment with higher popularity. Actually, we can see that fares of VR simulator on the market are quite different now. For example, in the rich areas of developed countries, fares can reach $ 15 once. However, in poor areas in developing countries, the fares may only be 1 -2 US dollars once. so when investors set price, the real situation is the most important thing!

Investors can visit 5-10 VR businesses ,take a look of their prices and record the status of their business.lower price absolutely will attract more players, but the maintenance fee will also be higher. Higher price can help investors to earn more money at the begin, but few people are willing to pay a high price to play for the second time.

Conduct a questionnaire survey on the local and the Internet to find out what price people are willing to accept.Because the players we meet may not only be local people, an online survey is necessary, especially for the surrounding cities. If virtual reality simulator is not available in other near cities , this survey will attract more players and even new franchisees to investors. If there are virtual reality simulator in the surrounding cities, this survey can offer investors with more reference value in pricing.

Investigate the prices of other local entertainment venues, such as game halls, cinemas, escape chambers and so on. These prices show how much people are willing to spend on entertainment. VR simulator as a new entertainment device, we can set the price a little higher, but if the price is too high compared to other ways, the player will not accept it. Based on these three points, I believe investors can set a reasonable price for their virtual reality simulator.

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