Ongoing VR investment, a new VR world is coming

Ongoing VR investment, a new VR world is coming


Ongoing VR investment, a new VR world is coming

VR active users on Steam increased by 160% year-on-year

In a industry event held last week , Valve announced the latest date from Steam.Among them is not only the company’s growing PC game users, but also some new date from VR game users.

At 2018 St. Petersburg White Day held last week, Jan-peter Ewert of Valve offered the new Steam date, The daily active users of the platform is up to 43 million(25 million in the same period in 2016), because this company has adopted a new review method, developers can easily promote their project to Steam, and the average number of games released per week have increased to 180.

Besides, Jan- peter also said in his speech, VR is a “ongoing VR investment”, and VR content on Steam is a “Thriving market”. He said, The monthly active users on Steam have increased 160% year to year.(Ongoing VR investment, a new VR world is coming)

Valve didn’t disclose the solid date of how many VR active users per month, while Road to VR has done an estimation through some official date surveys from Steam, by comparing Steam’s hardware and software data, and the date given by Jan-peter, they estimated that the monthly active user is about 87.3 million, and 0.7% of them have used VR, so the VR active users on Steam is about 601,000. (Ongoing VR investment, a new VR world is coming )

How could we seize this opportunity?

VR is become more and more common in people’s life. And the person who like VR is also growing rapidly.
As Jan-peter said, this is an “ongoing investment”, it is a “Thriving market”, it is a good investment idea for us.

However, for most of us, non- professional person, research ,develop and sell VR programs is not very possible. It needs huge capital and professional knowledge.
The things we can do should be less skills requirement. For example. VR hardware and VR simulator, we can be a retailer of all kinds of VR hardware, or we can be a owner of VR business, investing an VR simulator, put it in a place with a lot of traffic.

Both of them are good ways for us to make some fortune in the VR trend.We do not need much capital at the beginning, do not need much professional knowledge.

(Ongoing VR investment, a new VR world is coming)

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