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what is 5D film

Whats is 5D film?

5d-film what is 5D film

Before talk about 5D film. We all know 3D is the abbreviation of “3 Dimensions”, it also refers to three coordinates, that is, long, wide and high. In other words, it is three-dimensional, 3D is the concept of space, which consists of x, Y, z Three axes of space, it is compared with 2D(PLANE) only a long and wide

5D film mean videos  that based on 3D while add some other things that can make people fell the image through the touching and smell. So that is 5 dimensions at all.

At present, there are some software development companies, they developing the 3D films, dynamic platforms, tactile and olfactory technology, and then combine all of them to achieve the 5D videos.

5D film’s aim is is to let the audience to feel the most powerful sense of realism from the hearing, vision, smell, touch, motion movie background and effect. Now 5D film has more than 10 kinds of special effects such as wind, rain, electricity, smoke, snowflakes, bubbles, flame sweep legs, stab back, vibration, fragrance, etc. Along with the changes in film content, audience can feel like they were in an environment with “lightning, Smoke, Snowflakes,feel burning when there are flame in the movie,feel wet when there are waves and experience a new and real feeling of falling, shaking, blowing, raining, sweeping legs, etc.

5D film not only have the effect of 3D movies, but also have their own unique and special effects, which is the reason why it attracts so many people to have a try. In recent years, 5D cinema is very popular in the market. According to the market development, there are more and more demand. All kinds of 5D film appears on the market such crazy roller coaster, Pumpkin Ghost, Starship, Star Wars, toy factories, underwater world and so on , as well as more and more 5D cinemas are coming into the public eye and are starting to be popular.


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