7D film

What is 7D Film?

What is 7D Film?

7D-film What is 7D Film?

7D film is an innovative project which combines game and movies with Dynamic theater technology, and is also a new concept of entertainment media industry. Its basic meaning is that the audience can become a role in the 7d film, involved in the film environment and the plot that has been set in advance, so that the audience will feel that they are part of the film.
So it is also called 7D interactive film.

Compared with 5D film, one more thing 7D interactive film added is that the audience can be part of the film, and continue to interact with the film content

7D interactive film has the 5D environmental effects and added Multi-person Interactive technology

According to this concept, companies have designed a variety of different themes of the amusement equipment. For each theme amusement equipment, they will design simulation scene and plot based on the theme, then add special effects on seats and other environmental effects.
When people watch the 7D interactive film, they will have simulation pistols, which can let audience fight with the characters in the film. After the game ,the points will be ranked after the calculation of the system.so there will be a competition between the audience. The one who wins will experiences happiness and the pride from completing the task and overcoming others .
These will let the audience linger over, to try this machine again and again.

And because of this point, 7D interactive film also be called as “movies that can be play”

In fact, 7d interactive cinema has many functions. People can not only watch the 3D, 4D, 5D films, but also play the exciting 7D interactive film. Besides, 3D shooting games and 3D Arena are also available. That is six functions in one cinema.
If you open a 7D interactive Cinema, that equals to you have 6 business !

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