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What is 9D VR

What is 9D VR

Now we can see many “egg chair” shape VR arcade game machines in many shopping malls with a good business. They normally called themselves “9D VR ” “VR cinema” “9D VR cinema” ”egg chair cinema” “9D cinema” or “9d VR simulator” and charge people 3-15 dollars per ticket.

But few people know exactly what they are, and what content they will provide the players.

what-is-9D-cinema-01 What is 9D VR

So what is 9D cinema?

Before answering this question, we should understand what is 9d movies first.

  • 1D movie is the early silent movie, where D has nothing to do with the number of dimensions
  • 2D movie to join the sound, which is a flat image
  • 3D movie to join the three-dimensional, which is three-dimensional film, you wear 3D glasses, there will be three-dimensional effect.
  • 4D movie to join the feeling, which is based on the 3D one but it added some special effects, such as when there vibration in the film, the seat will shake
  • 5D movie to join the interaction.Except the 3D stereoscopic effect and the dynamic seat, 5d will add environmental effects, so that the audience experience the most powerful sense of reality  from hearing, vision, touch.
  • 7D film is a dynamic journey, there are sound, light, shadow, water, fog, smoke, strong shaking rock when the earthquake came
  • 9D film relies on computer numerical modeling to create a 3D scene and then uses visual effects rendering technology to bring lifelike optical images

After we know what is 9D movies, then it is much easy for us to know what is 9d cinema.

9d cinema is a combination of the virtual reality technology and a Dynamic platform, some may have other Simulation Technology such as smoke,wind…

It mainly consists of three parts, virtual reality glasses, dynamic seats, as well as games or movie content. Now our most common and most representative product is “egg chair VR cinema”. It has 1/2/3/6 seats, now two seats is the most popular one.

what-is-9D-cinema-01 What is 9D VR

There are many other VR simulators can actually be counted as 9D cinema, but because of the different game content and appearance, they have different names, such as VR horse racing simulator, VR shooting simulator.In the next article, we will describe in detail how many different types of VR simulators are present on the market.


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