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What makes these businessmen flock to the 9d VR cinema

What makes these businessmen flock to the 9d VR cinema

My friend in USA told me today, now he can see VR egg cinema in almost all shopping malls. He wants to start VR business but can not found a place.

Is really VR so hot now ?

I find some date on Google

9D VR related keywords search in Google is more than 260,000 per month, including the keyword “VR movies” search here is even up to 100,000 monthly.

So What makes these businessmen flock to the 9d VR cinema?

I have talked with some one who own a VR business now.

This is a business owner in Oman

He told me there are several reasons for him to choose this product to start his new business.

1.Easy to operation

The machine is assembled before shipment, so he just need plug in then he can use it.

And the operation system is also very easy, just two buttons on the screen, one for “start” another for “stop”.very simple!

Most important is that there is a administration system in most 9d VR simulators, he can set a for checking it. The administration system will record how many player used the machine and what kind of 9d VR movies they experience. It means he can just hire some body to take care of the VR business and have time to do other things.

2.The initial investment is not too high.

He bought the 9D VR cinema one year ago, the price was 8600 dollars. Adding the shipment and tax, he may paid about 10000 dollars at the VR cinema.

The rent of the shopping mall is very low since the place needed is very small, only 5 square meters.

3.High profit and quick return

He charge players 3 dollars per ticket, and earned about 1500$-1800$ dollars within 3days (it was holiday there are a lot of people)

9d-cinema-operation-profit What makes these businessmen flock to the 9d VR cinema

That is a huge profit, since the cost of 1 pcs 2 seats VR machine is from 5600 dollars 9000 dollars with different qualities. If he keeps his business like this, he can cover his cost within 2 weeks.

The profit in different countries may have some difference, if you need detail information such as 9D VR Cinema price,freight to calculate the profit in your country, pls feel free to contact us. We will respond you within 24 hours!

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